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Guild Message of the Day - May 24th
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Intense Apathy News

By: Haidesa - June 16th

FYI: Hyjal links - 1st vendor in 31 days

If you want these things: 365 epics, pets, and patterns:

You will need to do this


By: Haidesa - April 7th

Dump ore, common gems, and enchanting mats

If the recent WoWInsinder post is true then common gems are going to be worth a lot less, which means ore and enchanting mats will be worth a lot less. Which means bars and things made with bars will be worth less.

You may want to go thru your banks and get it sold before 4.1

By: Haidesa - March 31st

Do you have any of these reputations @ exalted???

The 55 exalted rep achievement, united nations, which awards a pet, will be fixed in 4.1.
Mystic currently has 50

Do you have any of these? We need five of the following dozen from people revered with the guild.

Orig Raids
Brood of Nozdormu (AQ)
Ashtongue Deathsworn (BT)
Hydraxian Waterlords (MC)

One or the Other
Frenzyheart Tribe
The Scryers
Bloodsail Buccaneers

Silverwing Sentinels
The League of Arathor
Stormpike Guard

Darkmoon Faire

  • Mysticrain: I am pretty sure that someone in the guild is a Bloodsail Admiral, doesn't that mean they are exalted w/Bloodsail?
By: Zanatris - March 16th

Latest patch 4.0.6 hotfixes

I really like the part that talks about Magmaw! :)

  • Skeetrbeetr: Saw that. Wondering how much they lowered it to.
By: Skeetrbeetr - March 10th

BOT Trash tonight

Going off as close to 5 server as possible, earlier if possible and everyone being on. Running til we get guild herald, then would like to take a shot or two at first boss encounter.

  • Skeetrbeetr: Great job last night everyone. Thanks for your efforts!
By: Skeetrbeetr - March 7th

Vid clips on our Youtube channel up

Three clips up, more to come of various guild activities and members! If you have a clip you would like to upload that pertains to any of our guild activity as well, please let Skeetr know and something will be worked out.

By: Skeetrbeetr - March 4th

And here it is....

Please be patient with the vid clips as I am just learning to use FRAPS and windows movie maker. I'll do my best to include others and work on better points of view. I should be able to upload at least a couple clips this weekend for us though.

By: Skeetrbeetr - March 4th

Youtube Guild Channel

I'm going to work on setting one up, will post a link here as soon as it is active. It hasn't liked me when I've tried to do so before.

By: Skeetrbeetr - March 4th

Magmaw trash clip up.

Kind of eye opening. Now unless my detail isn't great, lets focus on what happens from 10 seconds to 22 seconds. Anyone tell me whats missing?

  • Mysticrain: I saw a typhoon, obviously from a druid, but didn't see much AoE going on. That doesn't mean it's not there, maybe I just can't see it?
  • Skeetrbeetr: Thats what I was seeing...I don't know if there was lag on some toons part that attempt, but...its kinda funny to watch. The typhoon pretty much missed looks like, and no aoe to speak of on adds until they are almost on top of group...then a hurricane. Just a learning tool is all, and a good idea of what people can expect going in there.
  • Redder: Ok I got it in high aoe except near end and that was only tphoon and mushrooms.
  • Mysticrain: There must be something wrong, I can't imagine all of us just sitting around for 10 seconds watching the worms progress towards us.
By: Haidesa - February 24th

Remember your Standard of Unity

One of our guild perks is
Standard of Unity
Requires Guild Reputation - Friendly
Use: Place a Guild Battle Standard that increases the experience, honor and reputation gain of all guild members that stay within yards of the Battle Standard by 10%. Lasts 2 min. (10 Min Cooldown)

With 5 or more guildies, one should never be without this enhancement.

Note however this is not true if 0 of 5 place it on the first boss and 5 of 5 place it on the second boss.

Rumor has it many of you could use *at least* a 10% enhancement. :-)

P.S. if you don't have a SoU. your guild page or the guild vendor in SW sell them - i.e. the same people who sold you your armadillo.

  • Mysticrain: Of course, we never ever forget to throw that out do we, Haidesa?
  • Rockknocker: A what now?
  • Skeetrbeetr: You wanna do what in the where?
  • Rockknocker: Bake a the kitchen!

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